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When you tell someone you love them...

February 8, 2018

When you tell someone you love them you let a piece of yourself go.

Your heart used to just be yours but now its beating harder

because its working overtime to also work for the person you love

You trust them to watch over it as carefully as you have

Your mom tells you,

“Now don’t go giving that away too easy I worked nine months keeping you safe and have spent every second after that worried you will give it away you easy”

You were taught at a young age to love everyone but how do you know when you are strong enough to give away a piece of your heart and tell someone you love them.

People say you can’t die from a broken heart but it doesn’t work the same anymore if someone uses it and returns it damaged

What they don’t tell you is how amazing it can feel when you tell someone you love them and they don’t break you.

You can fix anything with tape and glue just not your heart, so protect it a little harder because glue doesn’t mend a broken heart

Sometimes you have to get broken to learn how it feels to be whole again

No one can explain the feeling of being loved back,

Except for the butterflies that fill your stomach

Your hands that were once cold are warm

Your legs get a little shaky

Being loved can make you feel alive after being broken for so long



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