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The middle child life

February 10, 2018

I am 2 ½  years younger than my sister and 2 ½  years older than my brother. So that makes me right smack dab in the middle. And maybe that’s why I’m such a nosey person because I’ve literally been in the middle of everything since I was 2 ½. It was great for a while my parents had man-to-man coverage, until my brother was born and then they became outnumbered. But I don’t blame him because he didn’t get the decision. The oldest child forever is the first born and gets all the new and shiny toys. The middle child gets all the hammy down toys because the new toys are still good enough for you to use. The youngest get new toys because the hammy downs are worn down. People always talk about the stereotypical middle child who gets left behind. Since the oldest is the first born the parents will never forget how their lives changed forever when this little bundle of joy came into their lives and, the youngest will forever by the parents baby of the family. So what convenient title does the middle child get? Nothing really. But I’ve also learned a lot from being the middle child like how to eavesdrop on conversations about my siblings or how to parent because I am basically my brothers second mom. I learned how to cook faster than my siblings because I knew my sister was also my babysitter sometimes and she wasn’t going to do it and my brother is a growing boy and he could eat a whole frozen pizza by himself. So it was something I caught on fast to because if I was hungry I was going to eat before someone else ate my food. But sometime you do get the sympathy gift from your parents because they read something or saw something about middle childs and they feel bad for a short while. I have learned that everything is fine even when it’s not because, everyone else has something else to deal with. But I wouldn’t change it because my classic middle child syndrome turned me into someone who cares about others but also can stand up for themself. So even though I drew the short straw with being the middle child it has prepared me for when I do draw the long straw



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