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10 ways to decompress

February 24, 2018

I know as life gets busier that your motivation goes down. As the sun starts coming out more all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the fresh air that doesn’t freeze your face as soon as you leave the house (Welcome to Wisconsin). Especially this time of the year all you want to do is enjoy your time outside of school but unfortunately that's not the case, as the end of the school year starts approaching more tests also start coming. And name a more iconic duo then stress and tests… Here I have 10 of the most helpful ways I have found to ease the stress and decompress.

  1. Yoga- I have recently started yoga again and it truly helps me feel much better. I started with Hot Yin, which is a deep stretching and meditation in 85 degrees fahrenheit. It was amazing! It was a great way to end my weekend and get started for a new one.

  2. Take a Walk- If the weather is nice enough go ahead and get out of the house. Fresh air can do wonders to a mood. You don’t have to walk a marathon, just do as much or as little as you want to do.

  3. Treat Yourself- Weather it’s getting a pedicure (which I 10/10 recommend) or just treating yourself to your favorite cup of coffee. Do something for you.

  4. Call a Friend- Sometimes you just need to talk things out. You probably don’t even know you need it but you need to rant to a person who is willing to listen.

  5. Take a Hot Shower or Bath- Taking a hot shower or bath can release your muscles and your mind. You can just take some time and feel refreshed once done.

  6. Having a routine- Having a routine that gives your brain a break after a long day of school or work can help find motivation again. I personally come home from school and make myself a snack it takes no longer than 15 minutes but gives my brain a break and lets me do a activity that doesn’t take too much effort or thought. Creating this routine can also help your brain stay focused as it knows it is getting a break soon.

  7. Laugh- Sounds simple right? Well it’s actually not because we can go through a whole day and forget to laugh. Laughing will increase your oxygen flow and that will benefit your overall mood. So watch some videos, read some funny tweets, or do whatever you know will make you laugh.

  8. Choose Soothing Scents- Surrounding yourself with something that is relaxing to your senses and allow aromatherapy to work its magic. Simply switching your deodorant to one with a softer or more smoothing smell can do wonders because you wear it all day. Try and you may see a difference.

  9. Cut yourself off- Turn off your phone. Trust me if Stacy’s problem is that big she will tell you about it later as well. Take a moment and just don’t touch your phone. Your brain will thank you for all the drama it is missing out on.

  10. Organize- Declutter your space. Start small and work to bigger spaces if up to it. Seeing the change can be a great sense of accomplishment and might leave you feeling more motivated. Also can you expect your brain to focus on one thing if there are a thousand things going on around you.


These are some of the most helpful things I have found for myself.  But if it makes your heart happy do it.




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