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Why Marvell, Arkansas

February 3, 2018

I know what you are thinking already, Where the heck is Marvell. Well Marvell is a tiny little city. It has the population of about 1,015 people. Now don't worry I didn't know where it was either. When my mom asked me if I wanted to go on our churches annual mission trip I said yes because, my sister had gone and had wonderful experiences with wonderful people. I love helping people so I had no doubt about this experience. That state of mind quickly started to change when the destination was released. Marvell, Arkansas. Well okay then. The next change is my mind-set happened when I knew no one who was going on the trip. People were backing out and we ended up with three teens including myself and three adults. To say I was not excited is an understatement. My mom kept telling me about the amazing experiences I was going to have and how everything will be okay. The adult leading the trip wasn't the most experienced or organized person and that part scared me. Once I found that out I was no longer un-excited I was anxious about everything this trip was. I would try to talk my mom out of making me go for almost everyday until the trip came.

When we got to Marvell there wasn't much to it abandoned farms and abandoned buildings everywhere. You could see where the city started and ended all from one glance that's how small the city was. But have you ever been to Marvell in the middle of the summer? The answer is probably no. Well it was over 100 degrees with 95% humidity. That being said you were literally always wet because the air was so wet. You were always hot.

I have lots of different stories I could tell you but the one that tells you why I was sent to Marvell was the one you can see in the picture. The second to last day it was so hot we all got called in from our work sites and we came back to a fire hydrant open so that everyone near and far could play in the water. I was so excited not only to cool off but to play in the water. The neighborhood kids were so excited to play with us all it was an amazing site. I instantly clicked with these two little girls. We played and played in the water. They asked me every kind of question to where I was from to how do I put on my make up in the morning. There was no better feeling then running through the water and being a kid again. When one of them asked me to pick them up, when I was holding her we were talking and laughing and smiling and all of the sudden she grabbed my face. Her smile went away and her cold wet hands were on my warm sun kissed face and she said "Can you be my mama". In that moment what are you supposed to say. She continued to tell me about how she lives with her neighbor and 11 other kids in one room. In that moment I knew I was sent there to bring even a second of joy to this little girls life. And luckily I will forever have this moment captured.

Now I know that sounds a bit crazy but, the whole trip was worth it for the little over an hour I got to spend with this amazing little girl. Now I don't know where I am spiritually. I go to church. But sometimes its hard but in that moment I knew where I was supposed to be and it was right there. Telling that girl that she is strong. So thats why I was sent to Marvell, Arkansas.



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