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Barista Fails

March 22, 2018

My love for coffee turned into a job earlier this year when I got a job at my local hometown coffee shop. I have loved the job so far and one of my favorite things to do is make latte art. It can be challenging and takes concentration or it happens completely on accident. I have been trying to get picture perfect latte art to post on here but, incase you already didn’t know I am NOWHERE near perfect… at anything. So I am going to tell you all about the the latte art fails I had last night at work. I worked a closing shift with a good friend of mine and we were determined to have to perfect latte art by the end of the night. And let me tell you that did not happen. At all. After many attempts we decided maybe tonight just wasn't our night.

Just so you understand the complications you may encounter while making latte art I’ll let you know:

-The milk preferably 2% or whole milk has to be steamed to the exact perfect temperature and froth consistency. So basically you have to be a milk steam expert.

-Second you need to have the perfect amount of espresso to create a good color contrast against the white milk

-Third depending on what kind of art you want to make you have to know how high to pour the milk and where to pour it. Also in that step you need to know how to hold the cup.

So all that work for maybe 5 seconds of glory until someone drinks it. Well last night we were determined to get the picture. I got some pictures but they aren’t good.

In the picture above I got a not good heart by any means but it was something. This was not the first attempt it is just one of the many fails. I would love to tell you why it went wrong but to be totally honest I have no clue.


This picture is an accurate representation of trying to fix something but going extremely wrong. We tried to make it cute by adding toppings but that didn’t help.







Here is the final picture of all the fails. We didn’t take pictures after each cup because you don’t need to see all the fails. This cup was the final try and I just decided better document how we actually got worse. We came to the conclusion after this cup that tonight was really just not our night.







So moral of the story if you have latte art on your coffee appreciate every second of it because somewhere out there is a barista struggling to make a heart.    



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