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I Get It From My Papa

April 18, 2018


        When I tell people I grew up in a bar most people assume my parents were alcoholics which is very far from the truth.  The truth being that my papa owned a little hometown bar. My papa decided after retirement that he wanted to open a small business that bring his friends all together in one place.  This neighborhood bar allowed him to continue doing what he loved, good conversation with good friends. It was not odd for me to walk in this bar and sit down and have a kiddie cocktail with all you can eat cherries. To put into perspective a little better my sister had brain surgery when she was five and her first stop home was to visit papa at the bar. It was a big deal to me when my granny said that my cousin and I were old enough to bike down to the bar (not even a mile away from her house) and deliver papa his lunch. We would bike the short distance to the bar and park our bikes on the side of the building. As soon as we got there we would use papa’s phone to call granny to let her know we made it and that we would probably be a little bit. We would walk into the bar like we owned the place and hand papa his lunch and sit down for our candy bar and kiddie cocktails. There were a lot of memories made in this little bar on the corner.


        I like to blame my papa for my entrepreneurial passion. Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a passion for business and a dream of owning my own business. And the more I think about it the more I think I had this interest because I watched my papa do it from a young age. My papa had worked hard his whole life to support his family during hard times but once he retired he decided that he wanted to do something that was going to make him happy and keep him busy.  He worked most of his live just so he could pay the bills and feed his family.When he opened the bar he was finally doing something he was happy doing. The bar was started before I even remember but as I drive down Main St and look at the corner of where Toot’s Tap used to be and is now some new bar I just get flooded with memories. But I also have this motivation to make my papa proud.


        I was lucky enough to grow up extremely close to my granny and papa. And don’t worry someday I will tell you all about my granny because she is one of my favorite human beings. Unfortunately my papa passed away on May 31st of 2015 due to Pancreatic Cancer. It was hard I am not going to lie but there are many things I have to thank him for.  

  And one thing for sure is that he showed me that no matter what life throws in your way there is always a way to follow your heart.


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