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April Snow Storms Bring...

May 1, 2018

     Everyone says April showers bring May flowers but the question of the month in Wisconsin was what does April snow storms br


ing. Well apparently it brings me good luck. April was the month where things started to fall into place for me and thank goodness because I needed a little bit of sunshine in this snow storm.

     Senior year of high school is craziness for everyone but the stress builds every time someone asks you where you are going to go college and you have no idea. I was just waiting to hear back from the college I was hoping to attend. I didn’t want to tell people that I was going somewhere, just incase I didn’t get in but, I also didn’t want to sound like I am unprepared for my future because trust me I have been ready for college since 5th grade. So when April hit and almost everyone else had their plans and were on the search for their roommate I started to freak out. Well the second week of April came and I was checking my email and mail everyday to see if anything had came. I went out to get half priced appetizers with my best friend and my boyfriend. As we were sitting there my mom kept texting me asking me where I was and when I was going to be home. She knew both of those answers so I was just curious as to why she kept asking. So finally I just called her and she was so excited to tell me that there was a letter at home and it looked like good news. After we got done eating we rushed back to my house and opened up this letter which told me that I had been accepted into college. THANK GOODNESS! I was excited to end high school before but now being able to know where I was going after college just made me ten times more excited for this next adventure. But that's not where the excitement of April ends…

     I have been in DECA since my 8th grade year. For those of you who do not know DECA is an association of business and marketing students who are preparing for their future in competition, community service, and becoming leaders. I owe a lot of my accomplishments to DECA. I have been very involved for all five years… like VERY involved. The biggest competition of the year for DECA students around the world is ICDC (International Career Development Conference). ICDC is where the top 20,000 high school students come together and compete. This year I competed in School Based Enterprise Food Operations. My goal was just to enjoy my last competition with the organization and people that have shaped me into who I am today. I went ahead and competed against around 220 groups and most groups had 3 people in them and I was all alone. I felt really confident leaving my presentation but I didn’t want to be over confident because you never really know. The next morning we got up and filed into the Mercedes Benz Stadium and you just wait to hear if your name is called. You could feel the anxious energy from all the students who had poured their hearts out into their presentations. Finally we got to my event and I was just waiting to hear my last name called. I was reminding myself that it is okay if I do not get called but then all of the sudden my name was called and everyone from my school started screaming. I got up and started running down the stairs to get on stage. From there they tell you the time you are going to present to a set of three judges. I was so excited I was just focusing on calming down. I looked around at my competition and saw that there was only one other person who was all alone. Right then I told myself that no matter what happens I am beyond happy with being top 20 in the world. I went in and my presentation went smooth and I was happy. At the end of the night was the second set of awards. I was exhausted but so nervous. I was in the same position as I was in before, sitting in this huge stadium and just anxiously waiting. My event was the third event to be called this time. I was just sitting there with my stomach in my throat and all of the sudden I heard “from Wisconsin…” right then we all started screaming because I was the only person from Wisconsin who had made it to the finals in my event so we knew it had to be me. I didn’t make top three but being top ten in the world in the biggest category was more than I could have ever asked for. I still get chills thinking about what an incredible feeling it was. And just like that five years of work was all worth it.

Once we got back one of my teachers looked at me and said “Man April was rough on most of Wisconsin but not you kid, You flourish when everyone else would get stuck in the snow”


So April snow storms may stop the flowers from growing but shouldn’t stop you.


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