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Thank you to a special someone

May 17, 2018

Thank you,


Thank you for coming into my life and making a difference that no one else could make. Thank you for never tearing me down but for always building me up. Thank you for allowing me to cry in your arms and always coming prepared with ice cream or coffee. Thank you for showing me that love is more than just words but is also the actions behind the words. Thank you for all the promises you have kept. Thank you for watching never ending episodes of my favorite shows, even though I fall asleep more than half the time. Thank you for holding me closer while I sleep because, I feel safe in your arms. Thank you for always knowing when I need a hug. Thank you for showing me that I should be proud of myself. Thank you for showing me the world without even traveling it. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for always being so willing to go to Target and aimlessly walk around. Thank you for being okay with just going with the flow. Thank you for knowing all the little things about me. Thank you for always ordering light ice in my Starbucks drinks. Thank you for all the coffee deliveries. Thank you for taking care of me while I am sick. Thank you for always being willing to go on adventures. Thank you for driving because you know it stresses me out. Thank you for all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates. Thank you for making me smile on the darkest of days. Thank you for not letting any distance get in our way. Thank you for being just as goofy as I am. Thank you for never taking life too seriously. Thank you for always going the extra mile to make me the happiest. Thank you for making the best out of any situation. Thank you for taste testing all my baked goods. Thank you for ways being so willing to take one more picture. Thank you for all the extra confirmation that you still love me because you know I worry about anything and everything. Thank you for being the less indecisive person in the relationship. Thank you for the little texts telling me you love me or even the ones just saying hi. Thank you for the phone calls and facetime chats. Thank you for being so willing to do anything to help. But most of all thank you for being you and loving me.








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