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5 helpful tips to help find your happy place

July 10, 2018

The start of something new, like I said in the last post I’m starting a new adventure called… COLLEGE. This week I started a summer program to help get a jump start on my college career. But let's rewind to a couple days ago and I was craaaaaby. I didn’t really know why but don’t really know why. Just everything was either making me cry or getting under my skin. So I started taking down some tips that helped me get through this rough patch, and maybe they will help you.

  1. Listen to some chill music. Here are some of my favorite chill vibes songs: The whole album “Staying at Tamara’s” by George Ezra but especially, Pretty Shining People, Shotgun, and Paradise. “You are the reason” by Calum Scott. And finally “hold back the river” By James Bay.  

  2. Go for a drive. If it is nice outside roll down the windows and turn up some music. I’m not the kind of person that absolutely loves driving, but sometimes it feels good to go for a drive.

  3. Do some yoga. I know yoga is not for everyone. But being able to center yourself and focus on your breathing can help your mood.

  4. This one may seem silly but it works for me. Take a walk around your favorite store. My favorite store is Target. You don’t even have to buy anything just walk around.

  5. Take yourself out to lunch. You don’t have to have a special reason to go out for lunch. Celebrate the small things and enjoy lunch.

These are five simple things that have helped me find a better mood. As my mom would always say if something is making you upset just go to your happy place.







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